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Lung Transplantation in Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis causes some changes in the lung which creates a perfect environment for infections. Over time infections damage the lungs. As lung damage and scarring increases the level of disability changes from breathlessness on exertion to needing oxygen to support day to day activity. The constant intravenous hi-dose antibiotics used to treat infections take their toll on maintaining a normal life and on the other organs of the body.

A stage is reached where the only option to maintain life is lung transplantation.

The median life expectancy after a transplant is 7 years but the quality of life after transplant is much better. Before my transplant I was using oxygen for over 16 hours a day and exercise would make me completely breathless even with oxygen. In May 2008 I could only walk 200m in 6 minutes with oxygen on the 29 December I climbed Lugnaquilla 13km and 725m of assent and not an oxygen cylinder in sight. Lifesaving transplants can only happen if people donate organs.

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